About Gasworks

Gasworks is a non-profit contemporary visual arts organisation that provides studios for London-based artists. The aim is to engage with emerging UK-based, as well as international artists, to their first major exhibition in the UK. Gasworks has developed a highly respected international residency programme at their premises in Vauxhall, London (www.gasworks.org.uk). 

Over the past two decades, Gasworks has worked with over 300 artists from 70 countries around the world.This year's winner of the residence competition is Andres Bedoya. His residence from July until early September concluded happily. We believe it was a good experience for Andres. He will be uploading his testimony soon!

You could see more of Andres Bedoya's works in this at www.artsy.net/artist/andres-bedoya


In 2017, Andres Pereira Paz was the first Bolivian artist to participate in the programme. To see more about his work follow this link www.andrespereirapaz.com. Many of Gasworks’ alumni have gone on to exhibit at major institutions and art events, and have received nominations for, or won, prestigious awards including the Turner Prize, Absolut Award and Pinchuk Art Prize. 


Gasworks is also the hub of the Triangle Network, an international network of over thirty arts organisations that develops and facilitates artists’ residencies and workshops, as well as peer-to-peer exchanges. These are both between the UK and the rest of the world or within specific regions. Bolivia’s Kiosko is already a member of the Triangle Network (www.trianglenetwork.org)