Funding Proposal

The budget for the 2022 three-month residency programme in London is £10,000 (costs are detailed below).

Flights and visa                                            £2,000

Accommodation                                          £2,400

Living expenses                                            £1,800

Studio                                                             £1,500

Artists materials                                          £1000

Travel card and airport transfers             £550

Events costs (including marketing)         £300

Contribution to marketing                          £450

Total                                                               £10,000

We believe in helping a Bolivian artist to experience the London art wealth because it will make a dramatic impact in his/her carrier and will shine light onto others back in Bolivia.

The Trust is looking actively to increase its donors pool to fund residencial experiences in London. In addition, we would like to fund publications of Bolivian artists that will inspire international artists and model the younger generations.

CBAT includes support for short film opportunities in the UK, where Bolivian directors and actors will show their abilities in drama and film direction and writing.

Please contact us to make a donation or for more information. We will be happy to introduce you to specific artists in Bolivia.


Registered UK Charity ZD10108