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CBAT is an independent, non-profit, and non-political arts organization with charitable status, governed by a board of trustees.  


The Trust was created in 2017 with a mission to create opportunities for enriching educational experience and cultural exchange for Bolivian visual artists as well as to initiate partnerships with museums, universities, art galleries, and other institutions with a particular interest in Contemporary Bolivian visual arts.


CBAT Trustees and Directors

Cecilia Neri 

Zarela Feeney

Bruna Antelo

Sandra Ponce de León de Amedick

Diana Kyllmann


CBAT would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support as well as those who wish to remain anonymous.

Eva Almendres

John & Sandra Amedick 

Bruna Antelo & Anthony Miles

Buby Antelo

Haigh Kay Aruj-H

Martin Autotte

Muna Baddour

Oucho Banks

Guillaume & Bridget Barrier

Gabriela Barriga & Federico Stelzer

Andrea Basile

Adela Bello-Nebreda

Rosie Bichard 

Ivonne Cantu

Tanaz y Fernando Campero

Nora Claros, Galeria Nota

Simón & Zarela Commander

Annie Copponex

Carlos Del Carpio

André Fraga

Martin & Paola Franco

Bibiana Garside

Eiza Griffin

Marina Heritier

Dongqin Jin

Brian Jones

Martín Junga

Susana Knaudt Monk

Diana Kyllmann

Laura Laurence

José Maria Linares

Mariana Linares

Thomas Eymond Laritaz

Helen Meehan

Zunzar Matero

Karim Moussalem

Joanne Park

Nestor & Mariana Paz

Cecilia Neri

Gonzalo Pence

Catherine Petitgas

Irina Pfander 

Daniela Pickup

Elizabeth Pickup

Marcela Roca & Tambo Chicani

Liliana Sandagorda

MJ Sologuren & Mario Giuliani

Bibiana Tellez Garside

A Townsend

Bernard & Vanessa Vásquez

We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to Bruna Chávez and Yuvinka Ribera Hurtado for volunteering their time to help with our Summer fundraising event!. 


Yuvinka Ribera Hurtado

The Trust draws on the invaluable support and advice from key individuals and institutions to which we are grateful!


Gasworks in London, UK and Kiosko Galeria in Santa Cruz, Bolivia   


Cecilia Bayá Botti, Patricia Tordoir, Andres Pereira Pazamongst others.


Sandra Antelo-Suarez (b.1966, Bolivia)

International curator and editor. In 1995, Antelo-Suárez founded the non- profit organization TRANS> and the journal TRANS>, of which she was editorial director. The first interdisciplinary and multilanguage publication with a focus on the cultural contextualization of American cultures. In her Chelsea, New York, exhibition space, TRANS> area, founded by her in 2001, she curated the first solo exhibitions by such artists as Anri Sala, Yang Fudong, Daniel Guzmán, Joan Jonas, Marine Hugonnier, Mircia Cantor, Koo Jeong-a, and numerous others. In the past 18 years, she has been working in various projects and collaborations in New York, London and Buenos Aires.

Currently, Antelo-Suárez is editing an anthology of Dan Graham’s writings and essays to be published in Spanish.

Valeria Paz (b.1969, Bolivia)

Valeria Paz holds a PhD in Arts Theory and History from Essex University, UK. She has worked in museums and cultural institutions as a researcher, editor and curator. She is currently working at the Catholic Bolivian University as academic coordinator and lecturer in the Department of Culture.

Rodrigo Rada (b.1974, Bolivia)

Artist, curator, and editor. In 2005, Rada was awarded the First Prize at the SIART Biennale in Bolivia. In 2012, Rada won a prize in the Biennale of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In 2013,he co-curated the 3rd Triennal of performance CIMIENTOS at the Centro Simón I. Patiño in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In 2014, he co-edited the book "Performance and Actionism in Bolivia since 1980". In 2015,he was a guest resident at TEORÉTICA space in San José, Costa Rica and participated as a guest curator at the Rapaces residence in Nicaragua. Since 2016 he is curator of the NUBE / KIOSKO project in Santa Cruz- Bolivia.

Raquel Schwartz (b. 1963, Bolivia)

studied ceramic and sculpture as well as management and accounting at the Santa Barbara City College, CA and Graphic Design at the Wizo School of Design in Israel. She completed numerous art and leadership workshops in Europe, Argentina and Bolivia as part of the UK Triangle Art Trust Foundation and the HIVOS Mondrian and Doen Arts Collaboratory Network of Artist Residencies. She has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and international biennials. In 2001 and 2005, Schwartz organized KMO, a residency for international visual artists in Bolivia. Since 2006 she is the director of Kiosko Galería. Her work has been exhibited in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Russia, United Kingdom, among others.

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