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Music and Film

Abduction (2018)

Abduction is a PervClub Single, released in 2018. It is not part of any record material of the band. It is an instrumental theme found in the Dark Wave and Synthwave genres. This video clip was directed by José Carlos Solón and Juan Pablo Neri. The filming was done with a Drone, in different locations in the city of La Paz. Post-production was in charge of Sigur Claros. The plot of the video raises a criticism and a wake-up call about the disappearances of women in Bolivia. In this case, an Abduction (kidnapping) of a girl, who is observed from the sky, by the aliens. The video clip presents a view of the city, both as a space for busy and routine life and as a space that hides dark and dystopian landscapes. The images work as a metaphor for kidnapping and invisible violence. For video credits:

Opus Pioggia (2020)

Opus Pioggia is the third track from the album Terra, which will be released in May 2021. It's a song dedicated to the rain, with a rather contemplative and cinematic melody. The video clip was filmed in the town of Samaipata, Santa Cruz. The direction and filming was in charge of the filmmaker Mauricio Alfredo Ovando. The plot of the video proposes a look at different scales and / or levels of the rain, from a small drop, a landscape, a body, to the immensity of the sky and the universe. For video credits:

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