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Updated: May 19, 2022

Workshop: LITHIC ENCOUNTERS - Book Now!

Lithic Encounters is a free, audio-guided* workshop exploring stories about stones from the Andes and the South London Gallery’s Orozco Garden.

Taking place in the Orozco Garden and the Clore Studio, this event brings different belief systems regarding stones and lithic entities into dialogue with the geometric design and levels of the Orozco Garden.

The audio-guided sensory experience invites participants to engage with their own bodies, whilst listening to stories reflecting on these beliefs from the Andes; acknowledging stones either as living entities or as mere resources to be extracted. Explore the relationship between stones, memories and the traces of erased territories we inhabit.

After the guided walk the group are invited to come together and share their experiences with artist Paola Bascón.

*The audio guide will be in Spanglish, though English only-speaking participants will be able to participate fully. While the workshop is open to all, participants from Latin America are particularly encouraged to attend.

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